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Dear audio enthusiast, Welcome to Keenblade's page at

Welcome! This page is dedicated to the changelog of my works and plans for the Proaudio web site and Proaudio bug tracker.


  • (2010-09-03) Web site updated to MediaWiki-1.16.0.
  • (2010-09-03) Bug tracker updated to mantis-1.2.2.
  • (2010-12-24) Bug tracker updated to mantis-1.2.4.
  • (2011-03-04) Web site updated to MediaWiki-1.16.2.
  • (2011-03-04) Added some spam protection extensions.
  • (2011-04-07) Now, email verification is needed to fight with spam.
  • (2011-06-01) Bug tracker updated to mantis-1.2.5. And gravatar support is activated :)
  • (2011-11-10) Bug tracker updated to mantis-1.2.8.
  • (2012-10-28) Bug tracker updated to mantis-1.2.11.
  • (2012-10-28) Auto user registration is disabled until site is upgraded.


  • (2013-02-?) Update site to MediaWiki 1.20.2.
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