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WARNING: all supported apps now use lash, the successor of ladcca.
so if you have used ladcca before. Add lash -ladcca to your useflags
in /etc/make.conf
You need to remove ladcca package and then install lash.
reemerge (if already installed) vkeybd, jack-rack, museseq, etc.
to use the lash libraries

BIG FAT WARNING: these ebuilds are not supported by gentoo-devs and might break your system :)

This overlay is for music-production purposes complete list of packages look in file 00-PACKAGES-LIST (sometimes not complete)

Most packages are not well tested but compile at least on x86 MOST packages provided uses keywords x86. I have no access to others architectures.


set useflags:

if you want to use dssi in rosegarden or vst in ardour
or jackmidi* in zynaddsubfx:
please add dssi vst jackmidi to your useflags -- *has the jackmidi USE flag been deprecated?

proaudio portage profiles

You can use any portage profile you want. The pro-audio overlay provide 2 desktop profiles for portage: proaudio and proaudio-kde.

  • desktop/proaudio: based on portage desktop profile with the addition of audio related USE flag as well than mmx and sse USE flags, and the removal of policykit, consolekit, udisks, udisk2 and upower.
  • desktop/proaudio-kde: based on portage desktop/kde profile with the same features than desktop/proaudio and the additional removal of raptor, redland, semantic-desktop and virtuoso.

The removal of all the policykit related software will make your system cleaner by removing a very intrusive and on-needed daemon. Big paranoid companies need policykit. A pro-audio workstation don't need it. Also, free software is about freedom, policykit is about controlling our freedom, and it is absolutely non manageable for someone that doesn't know java-script (JS) very well. And who want a JS interpreter running as a daemon into the core of the system?

The additional removal of some features from kde will hopefully make it to run faster. Use class-mail instead of kmail and you will be fine. It can be necessary to delete kde during the first world update after the profile change. You will be able to install again most parts of kde after that update.

How, I almost forget. As Gnome and pulseaudio depends both on polkit, those 2 portage profiles will remove the whole of Gnome inclusive pulseaudio -:)

set-up the profile

Change into /etc:

# cd /etc

Backup your old profile setting:

# mv make.profile make.profile_old

Set-up the new profile:

# ln -s ../var/lib/layman/pro-audio/profiles/default/linux/amd64/10.0/desktop/proaudio make.profile

Control your set-up:

# ls | grep proaudio
lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root      73 Oct 21 10:00 make.profile -> ../var/lib/layman/pro-audio/profiles/default/linux/amd64/10.0/desktop/proaudio

Warning: those 2 desktops profiles are experimental and not supported in any way by gentoo.


For more about the features provided by those profiles, see Masking >=sys-auth/polkit-0.106 and *kit free desktop profile.

For easy mounting of external devices (USB and firewire), you can install pmount-gui, which is into the overlay. For auto-mounting of CD and DVD, uam is a good alternative. It is in portage.

notes on some ebuilds


you have to google for vstsdk2.3.zip and put it into your distdir first

USE=-doc emerge vst-sdk 

this will install just the needed headerfiles

fst-1.6 won't build but fst-1.7 builds and will work as standalone
(fst path/to/instrument.dll)

emerge fst

ardour with vst support:

USE=vst emerge ardour / ardour-cvs

museseq will fail to work correctly with fst-1.7 so up to now:

USE=-vst emerge museseq

zynaddsubfx addons:

from zynaddsubfx-2.2.1-r4 and zynaddsubfx-cvs-2.2.2-r4 on
the banks for zynaddsubfx-cvs / zynaddsubfx-2.2.1 are separated
to update your current setup do

emerge -C zynaddsubfx;emerge zynaddsubfx # (please report problems)

banks/instruments can be emerged with (but they will get emerged automatically if you follow above step

emerge zynaddsubfx-banks

short infos on the ebuilds

media-libs/zynaddsubfx-banks-2.2.1			# banks from last release
>=media-libs/zynaddsubfx-banks-20060419		# snapshots with 'official' instruments 
media-libs/zynaddsubfx-banks-99999999		# smart ebuild which try to fetch
									# the latest snapshot

we have a package that contains user contributed instruments

emerge zynaddsubfx-collection

they will be installed in: /usr/share/zynaddsubfx/banks/zyn_<contributer-name>/

unsorted paramters for zynaddsubfx (.xmz) some are really beautiful.

emerge zynaddsubfx-extras 

they will be installed in: /usr/share/zynaddsubfx/examples/unsorted_zynaddsubfxParameters*

short infos on the ebuilds

>=media-libs/zynaddsubfx-extras-20060419	# snapshots with add instruments
media-libs/zynaddsubfx-extras-99999999		# smart ebuild which try to fetch
									 # the latest snapshot

Please contribute your instruments made for zynaddsubfx
to zynaddsubfx-user@lists.sourceforge.net or [evermind att tuxfamily dot org]

rosegarden dssi-support:

dssi needs to be installed so if you want dssi in rosegarden please reemerge

USE=dssi emerge rosegarden

ghostess dssi host:

If you want alsa-seq support for ghostess you have to deactivate the jackmidi use-flag

USE=-jackmidi emerge ghostess


I wrote an eclass which tries to convert all ladcca symbols to lash in the source-code. So most ladcca-able programs can easily be converted. Just look at lash.eclass for further information.


read old_ChangeLog
svn-log here:

So I hope you enjoy those ebuilds and if you have own ebuilds and want to contribute send them to: [evermind att tuxfamily dot org] Also suggestion & critics are welcome!


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