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WARNING: all supported apps now use lash, the successor of ladcca.
so if you have used ladcca before. Add lash -ladcca to your useflags
in /etc/make.conf
You need to remove ladcca package and then install lash.
reemerge (if already installed) vkeybd, jack-rack, museseq, etc.
to use the lash libraries

BIG FAT WARNING: these ebuilds are not supported by gentoo-devs and might break your system :)

This overlay is for music-production purposes complete list of packages look in file 00-PACKAGES-LIST (sometimes not complete)

Most packages are not well tested but compile at least on x86 MOST packages provided uses keywords x86. I have no access to others architectures.


set useflags:

if you want to use dssi in rosegarden or vst in ardour
or jackmidi* in zynaddsubfx:
please add dssi vst jackmidi to your useflags -- *has the jackmidi USE flag been deprecated?

notes on some ebuilds


you have to google for vstsdk2.3.zip and put it into your distdir first

USE=-doc emerge vst-sdk 

this will install just the needed headerfiles

fst-1.6 won't build but fst-1.7 builds and will work as standalone
(fst path/to/instrument.dll)

emerge fst

ardour with vst support:

USE=vst emerge ardour / ardour-cvs

museseq will fail to work correctly with fst-1.7 so up to now:

USE=-vst emerge museseq

zynaddsubfx addons:

from zynaddsubfx-2.2.1-r4 and zynaddsubfx-cvs-2.2.2-r4 on
the banks for zynaddsubfx-cvs / zynaddsubfx-2.2.1 are separated
to update your current setup do

emerge -C zynaddsubfx;emerge zynaddsubfx # (please report problems)

banks/instruments can be emerged with (but they will get emerged automatically if you follow above step

emerge zynaddsubfx-banks

short infos on the ebuilds

media-libs/zynaddsubfx-banks-2.2.1			# banks from last release
>=media-libs/zynaddsubfx-banks-20060419		# snapshots with 'official' instruments 
media-libs/zynaddsubfx-banks-99999999		# smart ebuild which try to fetch
									# the latest snapshot

we have a package that contains user contributed instruments

emerge zynaddsubfx-collection

they will be installed in: /usr/share/zynaddsubfx/banks/zyn_<contributer-name>/

unsorted paramters for zynaddsubfx (.xmz) some are really beautiful.

emerge zynaddsubfx-extras 

they will be installed in: /usr/share/zynaddsubfx/examples/unsorted_zynaddsubfxParameters*

short infos on the ebuilds

>=media-libs/zynaddsubfx-extras-20060419	# snapshots with add instruments
media-libs/zynaddsubfx-extras-99999999		# smart ebuild which try to fetch
									 # the latest snapshot

Please contribute your instruments made for zynaddsubfx
to zynaddsubfx-user@lists.sourceforge.net or [evermind att tuxfamily dot org]

rosegarden dssi-support:

dssi needs to be installed so if you want dssi in rosegarden please reemerge

USE=dssi emerge rosegarden

ghostess dssi host:

If you want alsa-seq support for ghostess you have to deactivate the jackmidi use-flag

USE=-jackmidi emerge ghostess


I wrote an eclass which tries to convert all ladcca symbols to lash in the source-code. So most ladcca-able programs can easily be converted. Just look at lash.eclass for further information.


read old_ChangeLog
svn-log here:

So I hope you enjoy those ebuilds and if you have own ebuilds and want to contribute send them to: [evermind att tuxfamily dot org] Also suggestion & critics are welcome!


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