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Welcome to the Pro-Audio Gentoo Overlay Wiki

proaudio is an overlay for the Gentoo GNU/Linux portage system. It provides a lot of software for professional audio usage, rt-sources and some other things not in official portage (yet). In most cases you will get the latest version of an app, with all possible features that are available. Also bleeding edge CVS and SVN ebuilds are available for many applications.

Note that the ebuilds from this overlay are not supported by the Gentoo developers. So if you experience problems do NOT post a report on! Use the Mailing List or post on the Forum thread or better fill a bug here:

BugTracker proaudio BugTracker

This wiki is meant as an information base for usage notes, Howtos, FAQ etc.

Everyone is encouraged to register to this wiki and to contribute howtos, FAQ, Hints, Solutions, etc.


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