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RT Kernel, realtime-lsm ...wtf?

just to clear that out again.. people tend to confuse the realtime-lsm kernel module with the realtime-preemption kernel patch

realtime-lsm is nothing else but a linux security module (LSM) which makes it possible to grant users access to the realtime capabilities of the Linux kernel. It works on any kernel. This is going to be replaced by PAM's pam_limits.so which uses the kernel's RLIMITS feature to allow users access to the realtime capabilities in a more secure way than realtime-lsm does.

realtime-preemption is a feature provided by a kernel patch from Ingo Molnar. It makes the kernel fully preemtible which reduces latencies, especially on audio tasks. A kernel patched with the realtime-preemption patch is called RT-kernel. This has to do with CPU scheduling, but nothing with user permissions.


we are on the way to migrate to standard gentoo ebuild scheme for snapshot ebuilds. So there will be no longer ebuilds named: foo-cvs-1.ebuild Instead we name them foo-9999.ebuild
e.g. to compile the latest rosegarden svn checkout you now have to do the following:

echo "media-sound/rosegarden -*" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords
emerge rosegarden

If you get messages about "Blocked Packages" remove the blocked one and try again

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