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One of the biggest problems in emulating win32 audio applications has been the lack of ASIO support in WINE. Fortunately drumfix has updated the WINE ASIO patch originally written by Robert to work with recent WINE version.

Following (big) applications have been tested successfully with wineasio:

  • FL Studio 7 (aka Fruity Loops)
  • Reaper (works perfect)
  • VSTHost
  • Almost all well known Native Instruments VSTs, Intakt, Kore

Here follows a little Howto on getting wineasio to work correctly:

Install needed packages

First emerge these:

emerge -av wine wineasio


  • wine should be version 0.9.37 from the overlay, or greater.
  • the wineasio ebuild will pull in asio-sdk. You have to download that manually after accepting the Steinberg License and put the .zip to /usr/portage/disfiles

Register wineasio

As user run the following command to make wineasio known

regsvr32 wineasio.dll

Configure Wine

To configure Wine, run


Goto the Audio tab, and disable everything but ALSA (especially the WINE jack driver will cause troubles)

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